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Circle of Education®   Social Emotional Wellness, family engagement, academic development, early intervention & behavioral health program for children Birth to 5th grade.

Circle of Education® is a research and evidence-based program that utilizes teaching practices, academic integration, and free-standing social emotional learning (SEL) lessons to support social and emotional learning, behavioral health, and family engagement.

With a multi-sensory play-based approach to learning, children are engaged through books, music, educational animation, and digital technologies for comprehensive social and emotional experiences.

The program’s flexibility allows teachers and behavior support professionals to choose lessons based on students’ needs and integrate social and emotional wellness themes throughout all content areas.

Circle of Education® is a Tiers 1, 2 and 3 program for ages Birth to 5th Grade

The program demonstrated to address:
Increase Positive Social Behavior
Reduce Conflict Problems
Reduce Emotional Distress


Research and Evidence Based Program

All the key components of the Circle of Education® program are based on theories and research done by Dr. Ritblatt and many other scholars and renowned experts in the fields of early childhood education, music, psychology, computer science and other disciplines:

  • Attachment and the importance of relationship-based interactions
  • Music and brain development
  • Family engagement
  • Social and emotional foundations of learning readiness
  • Importance of play
  • Role of technology and educational animation in the learning process


Circle of Education® Program:

  • Is a cutting edge program in the area of Social-Emotional development, utilizing the latest neuroscience and child development research.
  • Integrates a variety of multi-sensory components: music, educational songs and 3D animation tuneTOON®s, expression cards, and puppets
  • Utilizes educational music and animation, specifically developed for young learners, as tools for social-emotional development and learning readiness.
  • Helps children, parents, caregivers, and professionals to connect, engage, and communicate in interactive and innovative ways.
  • All program components work together to promote learning readiness, academic development, active parenting, and connections between classroom and home. Available on mobile platforms (IOS & Android), the web, and in printed format.


Circle of Education® Program Modules:

peaPod™ Module: 5 Units (Birth – 3 years) :

Social Emotional Development and Family Engagement

  • peaPod™ helps to enhance children’s social-emotional development and family engagement. 
  • peaPod™ module supports early literacy and language development and includes activities with detailed instructions, developmental information, suggested dialogues and educational songs.


ParentPod™ Module: 18 Developmental Theme (2-6 years)

Family Engagement and Learning Readiness

  • Provides families with guidance, activities and educational tools to support children’s social-emotional wellness, learning readiness skills and encourage strong family engagement. 
  • Integrated and aligned EduPod and ParentPod™ modules facilitate strong home-school connection. 
  • ParentPod module includes activities with detailed instructions and goals, suggested dialogues, educational songs and tuneTOON®s (3D animation).


EduPod Module: 18 Developmental Themes (2-6 years)

Social Emotional Wellness and Learning Readiness

  • EduPod module supports academic development of all learning foundations through the lenses of Social Emotional Wellness.
  • EduPod module includes lesson plans with detailed instructions and goals, educational songs and tuneTOON®s (3D animation)
  • The module is aligned to all National, Head Start and State learning standards and wide range of assessment tools.


In The Circle Module: 7 Dedicated Themes (2-8 years)

Behavior Support and Early Intervention

  • Offers theoretical framework and practical tools to educators and behavioral specialists to address behavioral challenges and emotional needs of young children.
  • The module supports large, small or one-on-one sessions and includes Hourglass assessment model,
  • Reflective tools, BEFRIEND strategies, activities with detailed instructions, desired outcomes guide, suggested dialogues, educational songs and tuneTOON®s (3D animation).



  • Educational songs promote social emotional wellness and learning readiness skills of young children ages birth to 6.
  • The intentional lyrics and music engage the young child and facilitate the learning process of new skills and behaviors.


  • tuneTOON®s, educational 3D animation, promote social emotional wellness and learning readiness skills of young children ages 2-8 years old.
  • The tuneTOON®s which are based on the songs developed for Circle of Education® program introduce, support and reinforce the learning process of new skills and behaviors


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