29 - My Feelings


tuneTOON Overview:

It’s important and helpful to share our feelings such as when we are upset, sad, angry, excited, jealous, embarrassed, or happy.

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    Coronado CA Unified School District selected the Circle of Education® program as a Social Emotional development and Learning Readiness Curriculum

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The Story:

  • Horsi shares with the friends that he feels sad when they don’t tell him the truth.
  • Dolfi feels sad when Listo takes his blocks away, and Ami helps them talk about their feelings.
  • Dolfi and his sister get mad and fight over a toy, and their mom and dad help them work it out together.
  • Ami feels jealous when his sister gets attention from their dad, but then when dad plays with Ami, he feels happy and loved, too.
  • At school, the characters all feel happy to enjoy a beautiful day playing outside together.

What We Learn:

  • Everyone has feelings to share.
  • It is OK to have strong feelings
  • Sharing our feelings helps us understand each other.
  • We can all have fun together when we share and play nicely.

Why it is Important:

  • When children learn to express their feelings, they can begin to problem solve when there is a conflict.
  • Caring adults and friends can help children express themselves with their words, like Ami and Dolfi’s parents do, so that children don’t have to resort to actions like taking toys and hitting.
  • We model how we deal with emotions; children look up to us to learn how to deal with strong emotions.

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