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tuneTOON Overview:

Our memories help us learn special and important things in our lives. Memories are the building blocks of the learning process.

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    Coronado CA Unified School District selected the Circle of Education® program as a Social Emotional development and Learning Readiness Curriculum

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The Story:

  • All of the characters remember special times in their lives.
  • Some things are important to remember, like how to read, write and the songs that are sung to us.
  • The characters learn that some things are hard to remember, like learning the ABCs, tying your shoes, swim lessons and friends’ names. Practice helps them remember these things.
  • The characters learn that it is fun to remember events like birthday parties, baseball games and story times with special people like Grandpa.
  • The characters learn that there are things to remember that can keep them safe, like their phone number, address and mom’s name.

What We Learn:

  • Our memory is a tool that helps us learn.
  • We can remember important things, even if they are hard, by practicing.
  • It is fun to remember special times with family and friends.
  • There are things we have to remember so that we can be safe.

Why it is Important:

  • The ability to remember things allows for children to continue to learn and build on past knowledge, an important learning readiness skill.
  • When children remember special events, like the characters remembered birthdays and time with family, they understand that they are part of a family and larger community, which helps build positive self-esteem.
  • Persistence in remembering important things, like reading and writing, helps children know that they can accomplish difficult tasks when they work hard at them.
  • Memories help us understand the world around and affect the way we act and react.

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