60 - Smile! Don’t Bite


tuneTOON Overview:

The characters learn that teeth are there to show off smiles but not to bite friends

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    Coronado CA Unified School District selected the Circle of Education® program as a Social Emotional development and Learning Readiness Curriculum

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The Story:

  • All of the characters look in the mirrors at their beautiful smiles.
  • Jelli bites Ami and Ami cries. The teacher and nurse take care of Ami, while Jelli’s mom talks with Jelli about biting.
  • The teacher tells the class it isn’t ok to bite or be bitten, and that they should use their words to let someone know how they feel.
  • All of the friends enjoy using their teeth to bite apples at a picnic together.

What We Learn:

  • Children should use their words with each other instead of biting when they are feeling upset or frustrated.
  • It is not ok to bite someone or to be bitten by someone, and the adults around can help if needed.
  • Teeth are used to show off our beautiful smiles and for biting food.

Why it is Important:

  • Young children often bite when they are upset, and by seeing Ami get hurt and cry and Jelli feel sad about biting, children can start to see the impact of biting on themselves and others.
  • Focusing on positive ways to use teeth can bring the attention away from the biting behavior that hurts and give children a positive way to use their teeth.
  • The characters are modeling to young children how to learn to use their words instead of actions when they are upset.

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