Cognitive Skills CD 29 Songs
November 16, 2019
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Health and Routines Skills 27 Songs


Health and Routines Skills CD 27 Songs by Circle of Education®


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  1. Dolfi Theme Song – Health and Routines
  2. It’s Fun to Play Outside
  3. Routines I Do Each Day
  4. The Stretching Song
  5. The Body Parts Blues
  6. It’s Time for a Checkup
  7. Exercise With Me!
  8. Getting Mad Is Not the Way
  9. The Healthy Food Plate Song
  10. Wake Up Your Body
  11. What’s in Store This Week
  12. Sign In
  13. See You Later
  14. Criss Cross
  15. Wash Your Hands
  16. Keep the Planet Green!
  17. Let’s Use the Potty!
  18. Let’s Take Care of Our Body
  19. The Be Safe Rap
  20. Chores Are Fun!
  21. Nature’s Food Is Good for You!
  22. Boot Camp Exercise
  23. Knowing What to Do Is Key
  24. Nature’s Surprises – What Should You Do_
  25. Let’s Do Aerobics!
  26. Hello Mom, Hello Dad
  27. Circle of Education
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