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About the peaPod™ Module:

  • Research- and evidence-based
  • Provides lessons/guidance/tools to early care professionals & families
  • Supports early literacy & language development
  • Addresses developmental domains & milestones
  • Focuses on relationship building
  • Integrates music and Books

peaPod™ Module Overview

peaPod™ Social Emotional Development and Family Engagement Module (birth to 3 years) provides lessons, developmental information, tools, and professional guidance to educators, families, and caregivers.
The peaPod™ Module is designed For Educators, Caregivers, and Families to support children’s social/emotional development.
peaPod™ provides developmental information, guiding tools and Step-by-step instructions. Encourages Engagement and Interaction with Children ages Birth to 3 years. Provides information, tools, and professional guidance to families, caregivers, and educators. Enhances social-emotional development.
Module includes: 5 English thematic units and 5 Spanish thematic units, 500 activities, 121 English/Spanish Educational Songs,8 Children’s Books Focused on Social Emotional Wellness, Written by Dr. Shulamit Natan Ritblatt

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